5 Things That Make A Jetsetter Lifestyle Worth-Living


Before I travel anywhere, I perform hella social media outreach when looking for things to do, places to stay, cost of flights and relax / entertainment options. I am going to master social media outreach to get the most out of all of my travels. I realize there are 197 countries in this world so I have to plan extra carefully when trying to travel into countries with limitations, culture and language differences. there are 5 things that I consider before planning a trip.

5 Things That Make A Jetsetter Lifestyle Worth-Living

1. Why am I going to this country? What will I gain?

I think carefully about where I want to go and why I want to be there. Traveling takes time and money.. To ensure that I am running a successful online marketing agency, it is important to have all my ducks in a row.. or in other words, timing work & play time.

I am inspired by international people that are not afraid to be happy.… I tend to fall in love with things on the internet because it makes me smile. I will actively search for hashtags, locations and profiles to see what people will do in their country.

Instagram Hashtags TravelInstagram Hashtags TravelInstagram Hashtags Travel

2. Cost of travel accommodations

This is obviously the deciding factor as some countries are cheaper to travel than others. I need to work on the research better as I am having trouble booking flights / living arrangements and transport in advance. I tend to book things less than a week before flying out. I need a travel agent – seriously.

I will sometimes go to Groupon to see if there is anything of interest.. but I mostly use Instagram / Facebook to perform social media outreach.

Here are some messages that I send to get the ball rolling:

Social Media Influencer MessagingSocial Media Influencer Messaging
3. Culture Experience

I am always a local when I travel.. I refuse to stay in a resort or hotel for my expense. I prefer a homestay, villa, hostel or other living arrangements where I can be involved in the culture.

Many countries have their own holidays, weddings, celebrations or ceremonies; I love being involved in that.. I feel my heart getting full when I see how a community comes together for a day or week.

In Bali, I had the pleasure of going to a 6 month – full moon ceremony in a small village in Tabanan. Wow, it was incredibly gorgeous; here are some photos where I jumped right into the ceremony clothes and tried to communicate their language.

4. Language Barriers

This is the biggest challenge, actually. Both sides try to communicate but we continue to struggle at times. I utilize Google translator to effectively community basic things – how to find this, what is your name, where are you from, what is there to do here — etc

Especially in case of emergency, it is super important to be able to understand what is happening. You will see words like “earthquake / volcano” etc in my messages, I’ve lived thru it all— believe me. I love it.

google translator
5. Opportunity For Growth

I want to inspire and impact as many people as I can.. it is very important that what I put in — is what I get out. I have to gain something from each travel.. new friends / family / work clients or relations.

I started to create these vlog series with my filmmakers to document how I am creating a lifestyle of freedom.. I am doing everything with purpose.

You can subscribe to my YouTube channel.. here are a few links to watch my video blogs — you will love em!

In conclusion

Everyone has their reasoning on why they tend to do things… I am a person who is inspired by passionate and motivated people — whether you are white, black, brown, purple or whatever. I am addicted to the travel culture and will continue to pursue a jet setter lifestyle to reach my goals of happiness.

This is just a small round up of what goes into my thoughts when I am thinking of my next trip. I have been fortunate to meet individuals along the way whom have touched my heart as I have theirs.

Travel is good for your soul — you learn a lot about yourself when you step into someone else’s shoes. These are 5 things that make my jet-setting lifestyle worth pursing while growing an online agency & building a community that is inspired by my passion.

What are some things that you consider before traveling?


Pack your bags and go!

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