5 Easy Social Media Tips For Small Biz

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Over the past few months, I’ve spent the majority of travel around the world connecting with business owners and industry influencers. I have been to incredible networking venues in Bali, hosted block parties in Detroit and taught social media classes around the world. During my travels, I connect with small business owners, entrepreneurs, family owned businesses and industry influencers companies.

After I met these unique individuals, I started to understand the missing link. I think the missing link is social media marketing for small business on a boot strap budget. It sounds too good to be true but if you can train the right person on your staff, you won’t need to outsource your social media. *However, I am available for a social media consultation on in-depth strategies and opportunities (had to put my plug in there) snaps* If you have in-house person that understand the in’s and out’s of your business, you will be more likely to succeed because they are familiar with your brand. Let’s review these social media tips that you can implement into your marketing plan for small business.

5 Easy Social Media Tips For Small Biz

Let’s begin by understanding the process on how to maximize efforts on social media and effectively reach goals for your business. We are talking about converting social media followers into sales for that ROI, snaps* That’s the ultimate goal ๐Ÿ˜‰ Keep cash flow in the business. Use these easy social media tips to keep a social media presence growing for your small business.

1. Content Marketing:ย Establish a content marketing plan that includes FRESH content. Post relevant information to your audience so they continue to come back to your profiles. Incorporate a blog about your products, services, how-to, photos, progress updates and such.
What is blog writing? Writing about relevant stories that are within the industry niche. Make videos or ebooks with valuable information so your users will trust you. Hire ghost writers, influencers or guest writers to develop the content. Having an industry influencer will allows you to share information on each other’s network for further reach.

2. Define Your Audience: Who is your target audience? Who are your consumers or businesses that you are interested in connecting with. Target those who have interest in your services, brand or products. Whether it is demographically or psychographically. Your voice should talk to this audience in a personable way that sounds like your company. If you are unsure of your target audience, you can look into analytical information on Google analytics to understand the age, interests and geo-location. Utilize this information to create a look-alike campaign around your social media iniatives.

3. Competition: Do you know your competitors? Keep tabs on how they are performing on social media. There are clients whom I make a weekly competitor analysis for – so they can understand how successful their business is vs the competition. The competitive analysis should include 3 or 4 brands who offer the same products / services or industry-driven. List the social media networks that they are listed on, include the number of followers and select receive notifications on their profiles so you can watch the content that is being published. Notice which posts are delivering higher engagement with likes and shares.. think about how you can deliver the same results with similiar content.

4. Social Media Widgets: Social media widgets are shareable plugins that allow users to easily share posts with their networks. You will typically see a social media widget at the top of the post or near the bottom. If you are active with your blog, implement these social media shareable plug-ins to drive more traffic to those pages. Visit the pages monthly to see how users shared the post to their networks. You can find plug-ins that have numbers next to them – it will say 45 or 19.. that is the number of shares of which every network (Twitter, Facebook). These plugins are easy to find on search results, just type into Google what you are looking for. Go with the plugins that have a nice user friendly feel and best customer satisfactions.

5. Influencer Marketing: Develop relationships with industry influencers who could be your advocates. If you know the guru or maven in your industry, create a relationship with them and offer something in return to advocate for your business or brand. Influencers typically have a lot of pull as far as connecting with a network of individuals who are in your industry.

I hope you enjoyed these 5 easy social media tips for small business. There is a lot of opportunity in social media and I don’t want to overwhelm you by throwing everything at once. I feel there is a science and art behind social media if you get the right formula. Follow my blog for more information on social media tools, strategies and tips!

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