When Planets Align – For the first time, I am not alone🌎

melissa divietri

There are 5 planets in retrograde so the caos is everywhere to blame.

I spent an evening star-gazing with my girlfriends on a private lake in Michigan. It was an incredible night to look at the stars with a group of motivated ladies who are handling situations that are similar to mine.

🌎 For the first time, I am not alone 🌎

It has been a challenge to find other like-minded individuals that I can trust.. it has been tricky my entire life to consult with friends or family that I depend on. My life is just different.. that is just the way it is. I remain positive and confident – to get thru whatever challenges I have to face

Lakeside With Girlfriends

As we began to stargazing, we broke out in laughs – hugs – support – my heart started to feel better as I was leaning on people with similar problems, we all felt the same with some type of issue.

  • my lifestyle: the choices that I make for my lifestyle & how Im feeling about what I really want in life. My family being close-minded by my decisions and pressuring me to slow it down
  • love / relationship: my closest friends are oceans away.. my best friend & work partner is in Indonesia, my boyfriend in Spain, my homegirls are in Colombia… I have this incredible network of bestis all over the world.
  • financials: steering the ship the wrong way and ruining my good faith in having a bank account with cash flow. wtf happened
  • electronics: my cell phone and computer is all of wack.. not functioning – keys popped off, cell phone service wont activate – oi
  • breaking free: remaining open-minded with my new business decision; it has been a long time coming and nothing in life – comes easy when you know it will be successful. It is hard for me to be accepting to let the world shake me up – so I need to let it happen because I know it will be a new light for me.
  • facing reality: easier said than done, right? I constantly hold composure when I want to let it take over and have a small cry.

There are so many moving parts in my life right – that it is crushing my style… my swag.. or is it?

I am the one that everyone counts on for business advice, mentoring and full on- inspiration — im that gal.

But life is throwing me a curve ball that Ive never faced before… and it all makes sense after consulting with my best gal friends… it isn’t just me, there’s a bigger picture here and I have to face reality head-on..

I made a few decisions in the meantime;

  • be selective about what I say, and who I say it too
  • build a tribe of positive, solid individuals
  • work on delegating tasks more
  • being open minded to listening to my family
  • taking chances and letting fate direct me
  • be happy – because I deserve it

We all may be experiencing some of the same issues.. just keep hanging on.