DI Techno – Playlist 1 – Aug 17 🎧

di techno - playlist

First Playlist from my label is Now Out: ⚡⚡💎💎DI TECHNO PLAYLIST 1 was inspired by sounds throughout my day.. I record clips of audio in my Whatsapp messages and send to my friends to listen. I started to record more than 20 clips per day which has influenced this podcast; my first collection of music for all to hear. I am inspired by my team in Medellin, city roots from Detroit history & boyfriend in Barcelona; whom have contributed to this masterpiece of my first podcast for my label DI TECHNO. I created an independent music label that is exclusive to a small group of individuals who are passionate about the sounds & beats that run thru their head. Their tunes are what keep my fingers moving on the keys.. a machine on the computer, literally.

Tell me what you think about my first playlist..mixture of what I like! #detroittechno #ditechno
Listen by clicking the link in my bio 🎧🎧 ▶️▶️DI TECHNO – INSTAGRAM ◀️◀️


Wade – Ghetto Funk (Original)

Dale Howard: Substance [Toolroom]

Etwas (IT) – Mum I Wanna Be A Drummer (Original Mix)

Dakar Carvalho – Walk 4 Me (Original Mix)

Samuel Dan – DDT (Raffa FL Remix) [ERYN 007] (Snippet)

Fisher – Crowd Control HQ UNRELEASED

Shiba San – OKAY (Dave Winnel Mix)

Losing It – Fisher

Billy Kenny Wongo – 4 My Ppl (PREMIERE)