Remote Working in Uluwatu


Spent some much-needed time to unwind in beautiful Uluwatu — I took the afternoon to focus on agency tasks at this beautiful cafe called “The Cashew Tree”

the cashew tree

It was a quiet cafe with comfortable seating to work, eat or enjoy a nice afternoon. Clay and I stayed for 6 hours — ordering breakfast, coffee, lunch and more coffee.

the cashew tree

Our remote office set up is very easy — whatever we can carry in our book bags is how we start our day. I am typically found w my MacBook, iPhone 7 S Plus, iPhone stand, calendar book and… of course — a latte!

the cashew tree

The menu was incredible — full of vegan, organic, gluten free and vegetarian options. The meals were light & boosted our energy to continue working online.



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We were surrounded by beautiful scenery — plants, coconuts, different styles of chairs and friendly staff. It was my low-key favorite place to remote work in Uluwatu.

My partner is crime — is motivated, driven and ready to grind for hours at a time. Our personalities compliment very well – as we continue to travel the world together.

the cashew tree

Top 3 Favorite Things About The Cashew Tree

  1. The “Tree of Life” on the wall — I was immediately drawn to this area. I have a beautiful tree of life necklace hanging from my dashboard in my car back in America. I felt like I was at home when I sat in this comfy area.
  2. Variety of menu items – we stayed for breakfast and lunch.. split a few of the items together and enjoyed delicious coffee.
  3. The location of the cafe – wow, Uluwatu is absolutely stunning. The drive to the cafe was like a scene from a movie.

If heaven exists… #uluwatu photo @travelwithclay

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