I Woke Up At 4PM Today – I Was Exhausted


I guess I’ll just continue doing the journal entries because is what I want to write right now. So I will got up at 4 PM today – not even mad about it. I was exhausted from the weekend; the hardest project requests of my life. There was a lot of rushing to make things happen; which I did. A website went down on Friday after; actually could have been sooner.

The rain was working I was depressed and exhausted and tired and frustrated. Rising me because I was working throughout the entire evening downtown in the mornings plans, I hardly had any does they know that they were. Because they had to get something to happen my girlfriend is like hey I just created this website like I need your help and I thought it was something serious Gloria hey what’s up. Like all you nicer this website and I can’t figure out how to edit it or do anything with it. So I’m like all you know what to say and then a lot into it and I was like no legs. She’s like why it’s not cul-de-sac back on. As of now I can only just look at what it looks like right now, I’m like on my way to a client meeting. Mike prayer is that serious now to the point where I don’t deal with client bullshit. If they don’t want to pay for that extra project on the weekend that I’m doing then I’m not willing to do it on that. Time. My weekends are meant for me to do I need to do with that, love that’s going to party one of the chilling weather that’s going to the grocery store and I never had time to go to weeks and was busting my ass. I’m going to do whatever I feel like however I do like to go day changing and partying, so my clients have the right point where they’re like hey you want to go day drinking at us. Absolutely I will

And then I got into my social media mode — back into the research and strategy mode of my business. I was looking up specifics for my next flight as a digital nomad. Check out the searches that I found when looking into content strategy methods:

I fell in love with this cutie who has an amazing social media presence – she is a model / blogger.

This model / blogger is giving out major tips onhow she is doing it.. After I checked out her pages more, I was really digging the different photographers; all styles! ANDD about this photographer tho? Jumps out of his comfort zone

Alright it is definitely time to hit the hay.. I want to cat nap so I can chat with my homie out in Bali; we would host these real night techno sessions at the coworking space. We had these 45 minute power sessions where we would power thru a ton of emails / development. Techno music would be blaring; however we would have it on multiple computers to make the sound higher… miss those late nights in Bali.