Thursday, June 4, 2020
melissa divietri

Wednesday Wisdom

By yours truly.. Fear is just a mindset. If you set yourself up for success, you won't be fearful of losing. Here is a...

Freelance Experience: Just Go With It

Lately, I've been pulled into many directions in the work / life balance while maintaining a freelance business. I had two awful freelance projects...
Social Media Programs

Social Media Tip

Here is your social media tip -- every Tuesday catch it on my blog! Social Media Tip Tuesday: Actively listen to what users are saying...
Instagram Tool

How To Use Instagram Tool – Ink361

Actionable Instagram Insights. made easy. Access deep insights into your Instagram account. Measure your performance and benchmark against competitors. Social Media Tool For Instagram -...
Social Media Tip

Social Media Tip

Social Media Tip -- Profile Photo Use a professional photo as your profile image on social media. It's all about what you put out there...

Social Media Schedule [Infographic]

So you want to be a social media manager? Here's a fun infographic of a social media schedule   Β 

Marketers Use Geo Location To Target Consumers

With some 2.1 billion smartphones now in use, it’s only natural that marketers would try to appeal to mobile-attentive consumers with personalized geolocation targeting...
Melissa DiVietri

Is Social Media Right For You?

Ask yourself the following questions How Successful Is Your Business With Social Media Interaction? Do you have a following of industry influencers? Have you generated ROI from...
melissa divietri cartagena

My Travel in Cartagena is Hot πŸ”₯

January 2 - Happy New Year from Cartagena, Colombia Enjoy the smiles! πŸ₯°πŸ₯° Landed during sunset ... perfect moment after 3...
social media marketing

8 Social Media Marketing To-Dos

Kickstart your day by incorporating a social media marketing to-do list that encourages success. Discuss what social media success means before implement a social...

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