Wednesday, January 20, 2021
melissa divietri costa rica

Remote Working in Costa Rica

Trying to travel... trying Is the keyword in this sentence From with issues with customs at the Windsor - Detroit border, plus experiencing flight cancellations with...
remote travel melissa divietri

6 Favorite Things About Remote Travel In Bali

Not easy to condense all my favorite things about remote travel in one solid list of 6 things, but here we go: 1. CoWorking Space:...
melissa divietri bali

Our Villa Overlooking The Volcano In Tropical Paradise – Drone Footage

Bali is one of my HQs - we have a dog, bike, villa and hustle... I'm planted in East Asia for a minute.

13 Best Things About Guatemala

Hands down.. most beautiful country that I've ever been too... I know, it feels like I say this about a lot of countries that...
melissa divietri medellin

How To Travel Around Medellin

First and foremost.. Medellin, Colombia is one of the most beautiful countries that I have been blessed to travel. Medellin is located in a...
melissa divietri guatemala

Getting around in Antigua, Guatemala

I wasn't quite sure what to expect about Guatemala at first ..I've kept an open mind and ready to learn about this country. The...
new york city melissa divietri

Remote Working in NYC

I can still remember waking up the loud noises of the traffic, the smells of exhaust and the hallways filled with people pushing to...
melissa divietri branding

Brand Influencer

melissa divietri costa rica

Escaping to Costa Rica

I had nothing but time ; Only time to give my mind a sense of peace and relief as my soul has always been searching...
melissa divietri detroit

Every Since My Birth, I Knew This Curse Would Be A Loud Challenge

#WhatsThisAbout Ever since my birth, I knew this curse would be a loud challenge. I overstep, overtake, overexpress... whatever, that's apart of me 💥💥💥💥For all...

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