Difficult Roads Often Lead To Beautiful Destinations🌎🖤

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I moved to South America with my dog, three bags of clothes / computers, 100 goals in mind… and no money in the bank account. I’ve never experienced so many difficulties in one short period of time to make a dream become my reality… and the beginning of my problems started in April but escalated quickly by July.

Traveling with a disability is complicated

I absolutely need a companion, and my little Chihuahua is the cutest thing that runs around this country. The obstacles were worth it, the amount of paperwork and fire rings that I had to jump through, I have her. I get to wake up in the morning take her for a walk and start my day looking at this cute face.

medellin melissa divietrimedellin melissa divietri

My commitment from USA to S America – was simple – Detroit > Florida > Medellin – I brought two suitcases + one pelican case of my life-lines — medical supplies & computers.. My friend Alex, from my hometown Detroit- Recommended for transporting electronics for a lifetime warranty.. The first pelican supplier that I attempted to buy from, ended up being a fraud business – it was quite disheartening. I found right before I gave my credit card information by investigating with pelican directly about the case cushions that come inside. The second pelican provider took extremely long to figure out what I was talking about even though I gave them actual photos of other people using the same case for their iMac. Now I have the sweetest home office because I brought the entire computer system Plus my mom found a strobe light before her garage sale. That was a nice little hidden gem.

I’m Grown😅

It may look like I have a lot of things in my life. But this year has been a transformation of my goals and expectations for myself:

-I went from a grande marketing agency to a case by case consulting firm – 70 hr work week to 30 hr work week.
-I removed myself from a lease in Indonesia to free up some of the assets and property rights that I own.
-My apartment in Detroit is officially over and I sold everything on Facebook marketplace.
-I live with my parents for the last month that I visited United States, and had some of the best memories of my life
-I flew across the world to meet my boyfriend’s family and we are still finding each other in different countries💕
-My girlfriend started a business with me in the Techno !! Both of our boyfriends are collaborating.
– I work with my best friends from Bali on their brands.

The moment is now

For the longest time, There was something that I always wanted to do.I can actually tell you how long exactly-and it’s been over a year. I told myself every morning, stop working for the people that don’t make you happy. Start working in the industry that makes you happy. The music industry makes me feel like I am at home. I cannot produce music but I can come out with really Creative shit. I am a marketer but an artist so I see things completely different than most people think about color and consistency and format. I’m very lucky that I have a career in an industry that will never stop changing., Every day I wake up and I’m challenged with something that is going on. I said to myself every day, you’re going to make that Techno blog-you’re going to create an email list that sends out weekly schedules of nearby events and local talent-weekly podcast and Daily information for website visitors to continue returning to the website each day for a new source.

In December, I created the social media accounts for the passion that I wanted to start… starting with a Facebook page and secured the Instagram account. In February, I bought the domain names. In April, I started writing dozens of messages on Instagram to everyone in the industry. May, went to music class was around the world to start pic in choosing the sounds that I like the most to be on my blog. June, researched influencers in social media and who is doing it right. July, met with record labels and festivals in Amsterdam after the success of my out reach on social media. August, flew to Colombia To collaborate with agencies from Chile, Argentina, Venezuela, Barcelona and USA. Had my first interview with a influence in the industry for my blog, Techno Live Sets with a half 1 million likes on Facebook.

What’s next? My boyfriend is flying from Spain to make my dream officially come true.
Can I tell you how long I’ve worked to finally have my love, family, career, friends and work suddenly make an easier transition to balance everything.

melissa divietri medellinmelissa divietri medellinmelissa divietri medellinmelissa divietri medellinmelissa divietri medellinmelissa divietri medellinmelissa divietri medellin

After that two months of rocky roads when the planets went retrograde, I thought things were never going to look up. I personally didn’t know that you could see the planets from your naked eye. My girlfriend showed me how to use this application on the phone to look at the stars and the planets. We were stargazing on a private lake in Brighton for hours when I my mind became open.

I am a Scorpio, in Jupiter was resting rate at the tale of my sign. It was the most powerful moment that I’ve ever witnessed, because I almost canceled I’m going to see my girlfriends at night. There was the worst car accident on the highway and I was exhausted from three days of driving to Detroit for an hour and a half each way. I decided to continue going out with my girlfriends because I love them and being with them turned me into a person who appreciates science.

Is the recommended article if you want to get up to speed- https://www.elitedaily.com/p/5-planets-are-in-retrograde-right-now-so-theres-something-to-blame-the-chaos-on-9544555

My experience with retrograde

If you can imagine the worst thing to happen in every situation, the absolute worst thing that could go wrong and whatever is happening in certain things in your life. That was me every day with something different, problems with my personal life and begging the bank for help with overdraft fees, selling every single item that I own on social media so I can move out of the city.. working with different dealerships to terminate my lease early for the car because it’s $600 car payment each month. Starting to lose hope in my relationship because I am all the way across the ocean from him and it’s difficult you don’t see somebody. Car, money, family, friends, business – I’ve never grown so much in the last six months then my entire life. It’s like an entirely new personality shift.

Coffee in Colombia❣️❣️

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What;s next for me?

Working full force on launching my independent record label for techno, deep house & underground music– the birthplace of Detroit but growing up in Barcelona and Medellin.

melissa divietri

Im happy in Medellin… you can see on my smile and this tropical tan. This is where I need to be .. i’ve been preparing for this … I am humble to have the best part of my life happen now.